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March 19th, 2007, 23:51
while the expression may go the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, i find this really devalues efforts people make in life. we can all agree that invisible war was as a whole not as good as the original, but really what were the odds that it could be anyway. i guess it boils down to the two 'philosophies' people tend to associate with 'life is a race'(which involves scoring, checklists, performance ratings, etc.) versus the 'life is a journey'(the abstract:relating to a charcter, artistic content, in depth dialogue, etc).

to me the story of the first game was weaker than the second and that is to this day why i like the 2nd better. to me the realistic terrorism threats, coupled with religious fanaticism, corporate schemery, etc. was far more enthralling than a story that was more occult dealing with a mixture of a bill gates evil twin, the illimuniti (knights of the templar, masons, etc.), and aliens and company from the screens of the x-files(which i did enjoy for the first 5 seasons). i also thought you had much more meaningful choices to make along with some superb dialogue and the option (actually worthwhile in this game) to play both sexes. yes it was riddled with countless more problems but how can someone not be proud of thousands of hours spent and in the end a great story has been told. with most games storylines being worse than a lot of 'b' movies i really don't see how someone could not justify playing this game even it they have to 'struggle' with it.
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