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March 20th, 2007, 00:59
I liked the story in Invisible War a lot. To me, it was one of the only redeemable parts of the game. As disappointing as the second game was, I wouldn't mind seeing somebody take a shot at a third game, although I doubt that's ever going to happen. It seems to me like every single RPG developer out there is exploring the idea of blurry morality and "shades of grey" but to me, the Deus Ex series is one of the only ones that has ever successfully done this. Deus Ex, Invisible War, and Planescape: Torment are the only games that have ever gotten me thinking philisophically.

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How can you be proud of your game when just about everyone, including those asskissers from gaming websites said DX:IW was vastly inferior to its predecessor?
Actually, the asskissers still did the asskissing when Invisible War came out. ign gave it a 90% and Greg Kasavin at Gamespot gave it an 80%, only 2% below the original game. Invisible War was one of those games like Jade Empire and Black and White that pretty much the entire media overrated.
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