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March 20th, 2007, 02:07
If you are trying to raise in rank for a guild you can only do it once per month no mater how many quests you do for them as long as you have the skills and a positive reputation with the law for the guilds this applies. When you talk to the guy in the guild about promotion they give you a speech about power and responsibility and how it takes time for a guild member to be respected and stuff like that, meaning not enough time has passed. If you don't have the skills or the reputation to raise they will give an appropriate feedback message. This dialog isn't in the quest source but in a huge file called text.rsc . I will convert it to readable html one of these days. It's contents are amusing.

To activate cheats add the last line "cheatmode 1" to your Z.cfg file like this:

type dfall_huge
path c:\dagger\arena2\
pathcd c:\dagger\arena2\
fadecolor 0
mapfile d
rendergame 1
user 1
startMap 179
region 17
helmet 0
maxSpeed 200
controls betaplyr.dat
maps mapsave.sav
cheatmode 1
These are the most useful cheat codes:

Ctrl-F4  Invincibility
Alt-F11  Returns you to the last place you were standing
Ctrl-F1  Shows all map locations
[ and ]  Takes you to key dungeon locations
-        Raises your reputation with everyone
+        Raises all stats by 1
1        Move at six times normal speed
Sometimes we get teleported right on top of the foe we have to kill so in these case (it can be a ancient lich or vampire) turning on invencibility before teleporting is good.
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