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March 20th, 2007, 04:11
Dr. A.--no firebolt from on high for the "meh'-most here would probably agree with you. (Not me, since like an ex from hell, I've lost too many years of my life to Diablo to use that word. )

I love both games and I see little basis for comparison.

Icewind Dale was a dungeon crawler, yes, but you had a party, you had the dnd character and combat systems, you had lore, dialogue and a reasonable amount of story vs combat. You did many of your quests in towns, with npcs who said things other than "Andariel, Queen of the Demons, blocks the passage to the East. She must be slain!"

In Diablo you had a skill-based character system, loot, and hacking and slashing. Oh, and in D2, very nice cinematic cutscenes. And slashing and hacking, loot, a wooden leg that took you to a "secret' level where you could kill homocidal cows for more and better loot, and did I mention the hack-n-slash combat?

"Nuff said.
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