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March 20th, 2007, 19:13
Actually I2 have stated (on the forums at least) that the PSP and DS versions are first to come, with a PC version following later an possibly X-Box Live version as well.

edit : Here is an actual post from I2's lead designer Steve Fawkner on the subject

Originally Posted by SteveFawkner
… We will (eventually) have a demo before the game is released on PC.
At the moment, the first releases will take place on PSP & DS (I believe there will be a PSP demo…)
After that, there will XBox 360 which by its very downloadable nature will have a free demo available.
Finally we will do the PC demo + full game.

How long will all of this take? Not certain, though the PSP & DS are on track for an early March release. I don't actually know the time between releases for other platforms yet… but I trust D3P to come up with the right time so nobody is incovenienced too much. …


and the actual link to the forums http://infinite-interactive.com/Infi…opic.php?t=205
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