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March 22nd, 2007, 10:00
I still think that maybe mr. Hines remembers incorrectly. It was, in fact, Bioware, that did this first when they released NWN1. The toolset in NWN1 was used to create mods that became Premium modules. These Premium Modules could people then download for about $10 a piece. And they did this, mainly because Bioware told people that the dollard spent on buying these modules would pay for the maintenance and patches for NWN1. And Trials of the Luremaster, from Black Isle/Interplay was a DLC also - it added 20-30 hours of gameplay to Icewind Dale.
(And, iirc, Bioware did include some new stuff in their patches to their previous games as well).

It isn't because people have to buy for something, it is because they have to pay for small things like horse armor that they feel or think that they really don't need.
But Mr. Hines is correct in saying that Bethesda Softworks is the first game studio to
make people pay for content that should have been in the game in first place, such as the horse armour, the orrery etc.

I think maybe Microsoft is about to shoot themselves in the foot by insisting that
developers make games (solely and only) for the Xbox 360. If they, MS, continue
to do so, the Windows (gaming) Platform will die, regardless of Microsoft's (new) Games for Windows line. If the Platform survives, then we will probably just see shooting galleries of games, not deep thought provoking games like we did in the past for windows.

This also means that the (major) game developers won't be developing roleplaying games or adventure games anymore, since they don't sell as much as action/exploring/shooter games. And maybe just to claim that this game is roleplaying game (still), they, the developers, would add custimization, classes, stats, levels and abiltities so that the (casual) gamers still feel that the game is an rpg, while, in fact, it is not. (in my heartfelt opinion).
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