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March 23rd, 2007, 07:42
9 years old might be kind of young, more so probably for boys. i read it in elementary school though can't recall the grade and it was one of the most memorable books of my childhood. the traumatic event actually played, and i imagine for other too, a 'positive' effect on my personality. i've even written poetry in the more recent years that is heavily inspired and makes reference to the book. also i saw the tv movie of it in class after reading the book and that may have helped my memory of it as well. plus i think i had a crush on annete o'toole…
i've seen a clip of the books author praising the movie, but if the new disney version retains the 'darkness' of the book and tv movie version it certainly doesn't do those people going to watch it much warning by the trailers, but i guess since its the kids dragging the parents to the theatres these days your trailer options are limited. still i plan on watching it when it comes to dvd, a rarity since i never watch children movies as i have yet to produce offspring.
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