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March 23rd, 2007, 17:22
Originally Posted by txa1265 View Post
I would recommend checking out this review from Andrew Bub (who runs GamerDad) - it is pretty good and touches on things from a family perspective.
I think that Mr. Bub hits on it pretty well when he notes that it is important that your child is ready for the drama of this film. Even though it is recommended for children 9 and over, I think you really need to know what's going to happen in this film so that you can assess whether your child is ready for it emotionally.

And keep in mind that this film (although it contains elements of fantasy) is fairly reality based… meaning that the children have real lives in the real world, and therefore are perceived as being more real than characters from a strictly fantasy movie.

Example: My son can watch all the Star Wars and Lord of the Rings movies without a flinch. The fighting doesn't bother him, seeing people and creatures hurt and killed doesn't bother him. This is because he goes into it knowing that these films are pure fantasy. But the characters in Terabithia are normal kids and therefore my son identified with them as real people. Even though he is 9 years old (the recommended minimum age) he was not ready for the realistic drama that would unfold in this movie. And since I didn't do my reasearch before going (I too was fooled [by the TV advertisements] into thinking it would be a Narnia type movie) I was unable to prepare him for it.
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