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March 24th, 2007, 11:18
Originally Posted by Cormac View Post
How they missed that is beyond me. Anyway I got the DS version.
From the official forums:
With 1-2 days to go until Gold Master, a change was made to the code that caused this problem (it had been working bug free for 8-9 months up until then). The nature of the bug was such that it didn't do anything jarring - no crash, no real change of difficulty or balance - just the disappearance of a small feature that we'd all gotten accustomed to clicking past anyway.

In the general rush to get Gold Master, amidst fixing the bugs that were causing problems and making last minute balance changes, this one simply went unnoticed, because we'd all become used to ignoring it. The Sony testers no doubt missed it because they didn't know it was meant to work that way.
-- Mike
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