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March 24th, 2007, 17:11
Originally Posted by Role-Player View Post
Got any impressions of the game you'd like to share?
I played just enough to level up my PC once (the warrior, a class I hadnt tried in the demo; unfortunately there's only two save slots available so we wont be able to try out the four classes at once). I immediately noticed that there's lots more quests in the full game than in the demo. It's a perfect fit for the DS, really, the game is played solely with the stylus and it works perfectly. There's some sound issues --static -- but they are resolved if you lower the setting to quiet or very quiet, so it's no big deal. The graphics, while not as spectacular as the PC demo's and I suspect the PSP version's also -- there's no special effects when you clear a row of four gems, for example -- are fine and everything is easily distinguishable on the tiny battle grid (I've read about people not being able to make out a +5 skull to a normal one but that's not been my case). Other than that, gameplay is exactly the same as the demo's and that's what sold me on buying the game as soon as I saw it in store.
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