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March 26th, 2007, 21:20
Originally Posted by Stanza View Post
So how'd the codex manage to slam dunk an interview with Uncle Feargie? After all the flack he's taken from them, I'm surprised he'd offer them any free rides.
We're vocal about a lot of things but Feargus has always been a cool guy who's willing to chat and give his side of the story. I suspect we've given him less flak during the Codex's entire existence than the one he has gotten post-The Sith Lords.

Originally Posted by Relayer View Post
I'm surprised the Codex didn't rip into Feargus for liking Oblivion, hehe.
There's always the chance someone will try to rip him a new one as people did when he said he enjoyed Diablo, but I'm not sure such criticism would be valid since his enjoyment of Oblivion isn't particularly relevant to his work. It's what he likes, not what he develops.
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