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October 23rd, 2006, 16:31
Here is what we've been watching lately … nothing too heavy
Open Season (2006)
Rated: PG
Score: 7/10
Summary: This was what we did for my older son's birthday - 16 friends at a dinner / theater place. Laughs from start to finish is the dominant theme of the movie. The story is simple and predictable, with all of the usual twists and turns. Much of what happened has already faded - this isn't deep or significant stuff, just a fun time with friends and/or family with some potty humor along the way. I liked it more than I expected …

Return to Halloweentown (2006)
Rated: PG
Score: 6/10
Summary: Another cute Disney TV film full of actors from their 'stable', this is a great one this week for the lead-up to Halloween. Not anything particularly scary or challenging - just predictable fun with themes about trusting friends and family. Nice easy watch.

Cheaper by the Dozen 2 (2005)
Rated: PG
Score: 4/10
Summary: By the end it was somewhat charming in a very predictable and cliched way, but you never forget that it is a paycheck movie from start to finish. I rated it a 2/10, my youngest (who normally is on the high rating side) said 5/10 (so you know it is crap), and my wife and older son said 4/10. Very uninspired performances by … um … everyone.
-- Mike
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