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March 27th, 2007, 23:47
I, for one, really like the interview with Feargus

I thought the questions were spot on as well as refreshringly free from any - shall we say - grumpyness over --- anything --- and ---- something. I thought Feargus'
answers to the questions were refreshingly open and candid as well. It was also nice to hear about Feargus' thoughts about which games he likes to play as well as what games he likes to develop .

I thought it was very sad when during the interview it sort of shined (or shone?) trough that Feargus was sad about not having the Fallout 3 license. (I am too --- since i believe that Obsidian can develop a far better Fallout game than Bethsoft ever can, but that's just me…).

Maybe someday Obsdian will develop another Icewind Dale game, or another game like Icewind Dale. And by that I mean that the game doesn't necessarily need to be set in the Dale area in the Forgotten Realms; it could be set in various other places in the Forgotten Realms like the desert or some minor known location. But I guess, this is really up to Atari that owns (or has) the license from Hasbro/Wizards of the Coast.
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