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March 31st, 2007, 14:00
Originally Posted by BillSeurer View Post
The investors think the other way: provide proof that your game is going to sell. So, what's the proof? The problem is, there isn't much, if any. Turn based games by major studios gradually died out. All the mega hits today are not turn based. Any investor is going to look at that and put their money where?
Both Final Fantasy and Dragon Warrior/Quest are huge franchises in North America and Japan, respectively. Even the latter is somewhat popular around NA. Both are certainly what can be called mega hits.

The Shining Force series, which combined turn-based strategy and role-playing, were incredibly successful in their time. The last turn-based title in the series to be released in the US, if I recall correctly, was Shining Force 3 for the Sega Saturn. By comparison, the most recent iterations of the series have used action and realtime components but failed to entice gamers and prove to be a success.

SquareEnix's Front Mission series have also been fairly well received in its original country of release as well as outside. It could possibly be well received in Europe if they bothered releasing more of the titles here.

Series like Lunar, Phantasy Star, Star Ocean and Suikoden have all met with good to great critical reception, if not outright commercial success. Pretty much all of them Pokewhatchamacallits are turn-based as well.

Even if the other series somehow don't provoke a shift in the general notion of turn-based being unsuccesful, one can't really claim Final Fantasy and Pokemensch aren't "mega hits".
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