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March 31st, 2007, 14:27
Seen 300 yesterday. While I think that the movie is ok and a passable piece of entertainment I don't get all the hype about 300. It really has become a trend lately that whenever a movie is shown that features a bad story and bad dialogues, but a lot of action and special effects half of the critics proclaim an evolution or revolution of modern movie-making - just think about "Snakes on a Plane." 300 is certainly not as bad as "Snakes on a plane," so don't get me wrong here. It's a rather well made movie, the special effects are great, the scenery looks awsome, the action is breathtaking… unfortunately there isn't much more to the movie really. There is hardly any story (300 Spartans venture North to fight against an invading Persian army - that's it), and the dialogue in the movie seems to be limited to sentences like "This is Sparta," "We are Spartans," "Ahooo!!!," and "Arrrrrgh!" Of course the whole movie is as bloody and brutal as possible to make up for the lacking story and dialogue. You won't find any humor in 300, except involuntary one - especially the godking Xerxes who looks like he stumbeld from a gay techno parade first into a piercing studio, and then into the set of 300, was fairly amusing.
No doubt, 10 or 12 years ago I would have applauded enthusiastically.
Even today I think the movie is still a fun ride - after all it's only 117 minutes and therefore just too short to become boring. Watching it with friends and being drunk also helps a lot.
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