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March 31st, 2007, 16:12
Originally Posted by aries100 View Post
that investors only look for the quickest way possible to get their bucks, dollars, yen and eruos, back. They don't seem to understand that a game that sell maybe 250,000 copies in the first month or so, or 500,000 copies in the first 6 month or so, can be slow hit, and that over time such a game might actually outsell a game that has sold maybe 1,5 million copies in its first 1-2 months. (if we look at it over a 10 year period).

And that's the way it is

And that's why investors won't invest in a turnbased game…
You forgot one not so tiny and actually quite important detail which is called the price tag . The number of copies sold means almost nothing. The number of copies sold at full price means everything. Just because a game like FO continues to sell and just because it has sold maybe a million copies during its entire 10 year lifetime, doesn't mean it is a financial success.
So I'm not quite sure what you mean when you say that investors don't understand something (what actually?) about the sales numbers.

If you are seriously accusing them of not investing money in such "great" slow-selling "hits", then that's like calling someone stupid who signs a one year bond with an 8% annual interest rate rather than the "great" five year 2% annual interest rate deal .

It's only natural that investors want a reasonably quick return on their investment. The write-off periods for loan redemption and interest only last that long (different from country to country obviously). A game that sells slow will lead to major direct losses and if you factor in the loss of profit/interest from the not returned capital then it's even worse.

The only reason that a game like FO has had such a long life at retail is that the distribution rights have been traded on and on and on from one company to another and yet to another. Those sellers probably make a small profit from every "new" incarnation of FO (like the current Ultimate Collection that is -at least here in Euro land- distributed by a company called GSP) but the folks from Interplay have apparently long had to wrap up their losses and call it quits (literally in their case ).
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