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April 1st, 2007, 01:46
Sorry, Kharn, this long-term-profit argument isn't very strong at all. Mo is right. There's a very simple reason investors and company managers want a fast return: they have already invested the cost of production and need to recoup those monies and pay their current commitments now, plus they need a Return on Investment that meets a certain level or they may as well close down, put the money in the bank and just take the interest.

What good is a dribble of income years down the track if there isn't enough income now to pay the bills? The only exception is a company that is strong enough and diverse enough to pursue this strategy on a limited number of titles, while being propped up by other titles generating faster income. Even then, any good manager would have to ask if they were better off putting their personnel into something that would generate a better return.
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