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April 1st, 2007, 04:32
Originally Posted by Moriendor View Post
I didn't think it was that bad. OK. The game sucked but the Dragon Edition had some pretty decent content actually. For example, you forgot to mention the nice color cloth map, and that the manual + spellbook came with a neat leather cover, and there was also the entire Ultima series from Ultima I-VIII (plus that pre-Ultima "spiritual predecessor"… um… called Akalabeth, was it?) included with the DE.
The ankh pendant and tarot cards on the other hand might be considered as useless junk though. Or heavily depending on one's tastes at least…
Overall, I'd say that the DE included a nice selection of collectibles for just about every taste though. It had a little bit of everything (map, art, music, games, wearables/collectibles).

It certainly had some pretty nice content compared to modern CEs where it seems to become the standard lately that you only get a stupid bonus content DVD with some lame low quality 5 minute shaky cam footage that is then called a "making-of" and an extra green and pink shirt for your game character that is then called "r0XX0r additional multiplayer skins" .
hmm..the entire series was a nice feature. I take that back. however, I stand by the silly apology (read between the lines it says go away, no more single player Ultimas, get a life fanboy!).

Of course, all of that could have it in a much smaller box. I remember the Software, etc. in Sacramento still trying to get rid of their last copy a year later.

On Collector's Editions in general I started a thread here:
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