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April 1st, 2007, 10:01
El Baron Del Terror aKa "Brainiac" (Mexico 1961)

Truly one of the most outright bizarre films I've seen in quite some time! The old "heretic burned at the stake vows vengeance on the ancestors" song and dance is the foundation of this mexican acid trip of a horror film. The concept of the Spanish Inquisition in Mexico is pretty funny to begin with. Then, not going the mundane route of just killing the ancestors, this hombre actually uses his serpentine, hollow, forked tongue to remove their "encephlatic mass" as it is scientifically referred to in the film. In other words, he sucks out their brains. Methinks we are seeing the result of one kid's nightmares about el Chupacabra.

The creature itself is some kind of demonic-looking guy with pincers for hands. While in human form, he's still snackin' here and there on a brain he keeps in the cupboard! (actually looks like the delicious mexican pudding "flan") The film doesn't make it clear if he must eat brains to retain his monster powers, or if he's just having a snack or something. I already have some Mexican/South American horror, but this one's got me checking out some more.
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