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April 1st, 2007, 09:36
I always loved oblivion. As usual i stay clear of discussion boards of a Hyped game so i didn't know about "leveled" creature when i played through it. Now that i know i can think of it sometimes, but it doesn't bother me. Getting back to Oblivion buying Shivering Isle is interesting.

As Corwin said (i think), its a good game and a bad rpg, it says it for me too.

I am not a RPG type of guy, or a simulator friend, or a… i just want to have me self illusioned into another world. May it be in World Word II doing scavenger hunting in my Submarine. Might it be me trying to solve a mysterious quest involving Moses, or trying to solve the problems of myth drannor. Its seldom the mechanics thats problem for me. Illusion of a living world is enough and if am not aware of a particular bug, a deliberate design decision, or developer cutting corners, well. Then the game is good.
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