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April 1st, 2007, 16:54
Originally Posted by Alrik Fassbauer View Post
At least semi-official. Because the developers talk about these entries in the officioal forum, too. At least at their German-language counterparts, which you might regard as "not official", too, because no-one know knows only the English language understands these entries.
Alrik: I think you mixed up some things. Corwin originally wrote "at the official site" which is not correct, although it is the official dev diary.

To make this clear: The dev diaries are official, just like RPGWatch's Legend Dev Diary is official. It's a cooperation between publisher Anaconda and fansites. We get these diaries directly from Anaconda, Vasilii/Kharn makes some adjustments and then we publish it at the same time as the german diary on german fansite Drakensang-Welten. But we and our site are not affiliated with Anaconda in any way. The official site for drakensang is drakensang.com. Discussions are mainly in the official forum simply because most fans visit these forums regularly. Our forum for drakensang.info/.net is located at globalgameport.com. You could discuss these diaries there also (and in fact nobody is doing atm), but the chance to get an official dev statement is "rather short" (german insider ).
Originally Posted by narpet View Post
I'm excited about this game as well… though I have to admit that when I first heard of it's development I was hoping for a Realms of Arkania part 4, which this is not going to be.

I hope that they try to leave some of the complexity that was contained in those games in this one. If it just ends up being an Oblivion clone I'll be truly disappointed. I may still buy it of course because it could still be fun. But it would be so much better if they would take a chance and make the game more like the PnP rules from which it gets its name.
Don't be afraid. Oblivion represents a completely different RPG-style than Drakensang. Oblivion is a simulation of a game world, DraSa is more story driven like Baldur's Gate or Neverwinter Nights 2 and is not a simulation at all.
Don't know much about the gameplay, but next month there is a Role Play Convention in Germany and rumour says, Anaconda is going to present some new informations about Drakensang. Because Legend is also presented (as playable Demo. Gorath are you there, too?) I'm going to that RPC. If there are new informations, I try to write some lines about it.

I would like to know how that "hitzone-based" combat system will look like. Hitzones are not part of the TDE standard combat system, but some optional expert rules. You can choose to attack a special hitzone, like head, breast, etc. Would be quite interesting to see how this affects the gameplay and if using these techniques rewards the player or if simple hack & slay will do so also.
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