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April 4th, 2007, 09:41
I diagree with Gillen. The Fallout name creates far more press awareness than a new IP would. Sure, any game bethesda makes after Oblivion will receive attention, and would probably sell well. But the Fallout name has been hyped by any game journalist in recent memory, and, ironically, by the same hardcore fanbase that is bound to be unhappy with what Bethesda does with the license. Inevitably the drama that will ensue after the game is unveiled will be covered (repeatedly) by every gaming publication in print and on the net. It doesn't matter that Fallout has no history on the console - by the time it is released every Xbox player will know the story, if not the game behind it. It's gonna be the talk of the town until release and long after. Gillens own article is part of that. And even if this coverage will vocalize the criticism too, the mere attention it gernerates will guarantee stellar sales. I don't know if Bethesda counted on this when they bought the license, but now they cannot loose.
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