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Default Gothic 3 tweaks?

October 24th, 2006, 00:09
According to this thread HDD speed, swap file and vertical sync (set it to: OFF) have massive influence on the game´s performance.

- disable indexing (wastes performance)
- disable "faster search" (dto.)
- defrag game partition before you install. Use a 3rd party tool, not Windows-Defrag (result: less need for jumps to other positions and higher transfer speed for larger files)

Swap file:
Create a permanent swap file (this means min size = max size) on (a) another HDD or (b) on a partition which is as empty as possible (-> less time wasted to find open space), defragmented (-> data & free space are sorted in the correct order on the HDD), fast and NOT your windows partition.

I´ll leave the explanations about graphics driver tweaks with CoolBits to somebody else.
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