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April 5th, 2007, 15:48
Originally Posted by Dhruin View Post
License. Kharn will have the details to hand but they have the right to make Fallout 3 and then (IIRC - don't have time to check) the right to make sequels for additional payments (around $1M each time?). They can also develop handheld and other products but *not* an MMO.
NMA has a special feature page dedicated to clear up the massive confusion around the Fallout licenses and assets. To quote from there:
The license to make a singleplayer or online co-op sequel to Fallout 2 has been purchased by Bethesda Softworks LLC (Bethesda), a ZeniMax Media company, for $1.175 million dollars guaranteed advance against royalties. Bethesda also has a deal for an option for making two additional sequels at the cost of $1 million dollars guaranteed advance against royalties each. The deal is not affected by whatever happens to Interplay. Bethesda's right to make Fallout 3 and options on Fallout 4 and 5 are unaffected by what happens to Interplay and to ownership of the license.

Note that for that amount of money they still haven't bought it, it's a guaranteed advance against royalties, meaning that if royalties exceed 1.175 million they'll have to pay Interplay that too. A popular topic of conversation amongst Interplay investors.

I think people should realize many games have a "collective unconscious" about them.
This collective unconsciousness is hardly immortal, nor does it guarantee hits anymore than the Bethesda name does.

There is no such thing as a "surefire hit". Sure Bethesda has the know-how and the reputation to churn out another hit (though, as Dhruin says, probably not of the size of Oblivion, but they're not investing as much this time around, so that's not a problem), but there's no way anyone can guarantee it'll be a hit based on either the name or Bethesda's name. Usually, guaranteed sales are fairly low in numbers, like Troika's guaranteed market, or Vogel's. A market of 3 million is never guaranteed.
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