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Default Console and Commands, with grapics bug?

October 24th, 2006, 02:23
Would it be possible to be walked throgh how to say do a, goto command.
Reason being many of us have a unreadable console due to graphics bug.
I can see the console and a top row of commands maybe 5 or 6 with dropdown windows but can't specificly tell what this destorted letters.

When you drop down the console is marvin automaticly activated or do you still need to type marvin?
When I do I can see red letter in the center of the screen but can't tell if I am turning it on or off, the first time?
When I first see the red letter after typing the console sorta freezes, in the sence of I can't close and reopen it, but if I type marvin again and see the red letters it closes and opens again.

Since I seem to be able to effect it do I need to move my cursor somewhere special, trying to type in the goto code while the console is frozen doesn't seem to work though I don't know if I need to type it in a certian place or way.

Anyway if someone recalls any or all of these, thanks for an help.
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