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April 6th, 2007, 06:38
-the graphics of items in the world are of high quality but the characters are quite the opposite.
-the camera has a lot of freedom.
-the user interface is fairly intuitive and the character development has quite a lot of different categories even though your character only has 3 stats.
-the tutorial is quite thourough, though at the same time a bit too lengthly.
-an intersting take on life and mana potions are that you have pools of mana and health potions that when you collect them there are a certain value and you can pick up one for say 34 health and another for 121 health and so on. they get added to a pool with a cap in the thousands and when you use a potion it draws from that total. this is actually quite a nice feature which to my knowledge has never been done before. no managing half a dozen different stacks of health potions.
-the spells look cool though i was kind of puzzled by the 3 out of 12 magic trees you got to specialize in. so far i'm still on the first map/quest but it shows promise though i doubt i'll fall in love with it.
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