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April 6th, 2007, 11:59
From my early impressions, it plays lot like that one game few years back ago, umm what was it called? El toro ? El diabolono ? El Bablo ? El Diaplonius?

It's amusing how quickly gaining skill in magic will mutate your appearance. I'm barely out of n00b-land and already I have horns coming out of my shoulders and pincers for hands.
Yeah, wonder what kind of freak the character will be at the end of the game?
I noticed also some spell training overlaps another features or removes them completely.

The specialization didn't make much sense to me aside from giving few starting spells. It didn't have pentagram and blood magic as options either.

EDIT: Here's few videos which show how much morphing the spells will cause in full potential to the character.
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