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April 6th, 2007, 17:46
I believe the so-called "marketing experts" have this problem as well.

Wel,l, their comany wants to make money, doesn't it ? And for money they need the most possible income.

Where is actually the most possible income generated ? Which age group ?

This is a question the marketing has to ask itself, too, because if they want to get the most cash, then they have to focus on those with it or the largest amoung within the biggest group ( 10 people having 1000 dollars or 1000 people having 10 dollars ?).

So, they just NEED such studies like the one mentioned, AND they need people whi are good at analysing them ! Analysts !

The currend trend towards younger audiences means to me that they have found or decided that they rather want to go the "1000 people with 10 dollars" scheme. I personally assume that the older generation(s) are rather the other group.

I just see a more and more flow of games tpowards so-called "casual gamers" and a younger generation - generating what i call "wishy-washy- games". Oblivion looks great, and that is imho the most important point for those who are attracted by rather eye-candy than content.

I just wonder how Fallout 3 will look like. Will it be kind of an Oblivion - great, shiny graphics - so, that it might appeal to the greatest number of gamers available ?

What we *really* need is a study on how many gamers are attracted rather by content than by look.
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