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April 6th, 2007, 19:03
I have been playing the demo for about 2½-3 hours now. And here's my (first) impression.

- visuals are nice (yah --- represent the game's atmosphere fairly well).

- gameplay and interface are very intutive, and easily learned, although the skills & stats progression still is a bit confusing to me.

- quests are modern, innovative, creative and some of the best quests in an action rpg, I have seen. They range from - go kill something very dangerous, to play fetch with children (nasty little brats - running all over the game ) and to protect someone etc. (even the blacksmith has a quest for you to do! very nice ).

- The chracters look nice, imo, and the weapons etc. look even nicer. (however, they do not look over nice).

- The Intro sequence is probably one of the best intro sequences, I have seen in a very long long time

The tutorial is extensive, although at times very boring and tedious, but covers the basic gameplay nicely, imo.

- If you die (and you will) the game spawns you at the teleporter on the map where you died.

My main problems/grievnaces with this game, are the same, I had with Silverfall.
The camera can be moved freely around, but, imo, it doesn't have near height to it.
This can sometimes be a problem if you want to tell you from where the monsters are coming etc. And you cannot save the game without existing it - this is very annoying, imo, since not all people have 2-3 hous a day they can set aside to play this game. (and it is necessary to have as much time as this - if you want to get something done this game…).

The monsters in this game are, well, shall we say, ok, and there's a fair amount of space between them. Sometimes there are too maney of them in one given location. But overall, the game seems fairly balanced in this regard.

A score would probably be around 7.5-7.9. The reason I don't give 8.0 or 8.5 is because I think that there's lots of potential here, if only the devs. had trusted their intuition/instincts and made a full fledged rpg game, instead of this rpg game we now have, which focuses on action & combat a lot.

But it is not one of the first rps (or adventure) games I would buy, when I have the amoney to buy games again. But it would probably come before Silverfall anyway
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