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April 6th, 2007, 20:19
I have seen a BBC online report which the BBC had made, and it showed that the average gamer (in the UK) was about 28-29 years old. (I think, studies in the US have proven the same) thing). It is sort of difficult to read the figures etc. but one of the figures I remember was that about ½ of the age group of adults enjoyed playing video games, both on console and rpgs. Only 15-20% percent of all adults played rpgs, though. (again, this is sort of difficult to find in the report,since the report tends to smack rpgs, adventure games, puzzle games, etc. together in one group, which means that games like tetris, syberia and fallout are placed in the same category. However, the report proves a tendency…that older people, e.g. people over 25+ do like playing rpgs and other videogames as well).

As for the 6-17 year olds playing videogames, well, I still think that game companies are shooting themselves in the foot, if they don't develop (mature) games aimed at an adult market. While they could get the 6-17 year olds right now, they need to plan ahead for the next 10 years or so. And this means that the 15 year old will then be 25 year's old, and interested in different types of game content than they were when they were 15 years old.

As for who has the money, in Denmark (and other scandinavian countries) there can be no doubt: It is the young between people, the young adolescents between 12-18 years of age that has the money overall. Many of these young people get a lot of money from their parents each month as well as they have jobs where they earn good money. And they pay nothing at all for living at home with their parents.
This means they have maybe USD 200- or USD 400- or even maybe USD 600- each month to use on anything they like: cell phones, clothes, video games etc. etc.

Anyway, I agree that the videogame industry seems to be going for the 1000 people with the 10 dollars instead of the 10 people with the 1000 dollars. Maybe the video industry just need to go going for the 500 people with the 20 dollars instead ??
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