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April 8th, 2007, 18:47
Aside from the usual HD tweaking (defrag your hard drive often, make sure that you have busmaster/32-bit transfers enabled in the BIOS, run a HD performance test like HD Tach to make sure that your hard drive performance is as good as it should be etc), there isn't much else you can do.
The only other thing that might help a little (~5 seconds) is to use a no-CD/DVD crack since the game seems to perform random CD/DVD checks on loading sometimes. Some people have reported decreased loading times when using a no-CD/DVD crack. I don't think that anyone here would appreciate it if I posted a link to a crack so just go and check the "usual suspect" websites .
Make sure to copy your original EXE to a backup folder before using a cracked one. That way you won't need to reinstall the game if the cracked EXE causes issues but then you can just copy the original one back instead.
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