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April 8th, 2007, 19:40
@ Gorath : I bought 2GB of RAM for this game

@Moriendor : I'll defrag my hard drive then, but I have no idea what you said afterwards about the BIOS because I never go into my BIOS (I'm afraid I'll wreck my PC). I'll install that program then as well, HD Tach.
It's also more the minutes bothering me than the +/- 5 secs, so except if it really, really,… starts to annoy me, I don't think I'll play with cracks.

@ Kryzchu : Yes, I know it's Gothic and that's why I'm ok with playing like this, but if anything might help reduce it to lets say, 40 secs or something, then I'll be glad.
Waiting 3-5 minutes is much, much too long for me.
By the way, I encountered a cave with some ogres (and dragons), I tried to beat an ogre, but got killed in one hit. Ogres are a bit too strong.
Humans and Orcs on the other hand are sooooo weak !!!
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