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April 10th, 2007, 20:17
Non-Linear means you can pretty much go explore as you wish and don't have to nesessarily follow the main storyline so the world is open for you rather then you being directed like in linear games. (you can go wherever you want in the game world usually)

Almost every game that exists has difficulty scalling in someway and difficulty scalling doesn't mean it is going to have level scalling like in oblivion. You can scale the difficulty of all the creatures on an equal scalling system where even if every creature is scaled to you the creatures that are way above you would still destroy you and the ones way below you would be destroyed by you. That is equivalent scalling where all creatures are scalled at an equal amount which keeps creatures that are more or less powerful then you at that point but ones that are close to you in power at your level.

That is just one example of difficulty scalling that is different then Oblivion's difficulty scalling.
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