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April 10th, 2007, 23:25
Originally Posted by Pladio View Post
Moriendor : I did the test and this is what I get for my hard drives…
OK. That helps. The results for your C drive look a little fishy. You see the large bumps in performance that you are getting at the beginning of the drive? That is not normal. The most normal looking chart is the one where you took the long test of your 'F' drive.

For comparison here are my results (2 hard drives, both the same model - fast and full test). I also got one bump during the testing but that might have been my Outlook Express downloading mail in the background (yes, I violated one of the golden rules of benchmarking and didn't shut down all background processes ).

Now the big question is why this strange behavior is showing up on your system. It could have A LOT of possible causes. As we can see, your CPU utilization is a little high as well. Do you have any background processes running like Windows auto update or virus scanner auto updates or anything like that? Or do you have the Windows Live Desktop Search installed (this is often installed in conjunction with Office 2007)?

I think you should definitely check your background processes and tasks. Then make sure you disable/end any and every non-critical processes (in task manager if you press CTRL+ALT+DEL, you can see all running processes. The ones where the "user name" says "System" are critical system processes that can not/should not be halted but just about all other processes can be kicked. I think it would be a good idea if you would weed out all of the unnecessary processes/tasks and then run the test again… and again… and a 3rd time *g* to see if anything changes and if you are getting a smoother curve.

If this is still not the case… phew… well, you should check your device manager and see if any question marks/exclamation marks for missing/broken drivers are showing up. In case you got IDE drives, check if the master/slave configuration is set up correctly (2 drives per controller - 1 master/1 slave - usually you got 2 controllers onboard for a max of 4 IDE drives). You could also download the SeaTools from the Seagate website (Maxtor, the manufacturer of your HD has been acquired by Seagate some time ago). The tool runs a diagnostic check of your HD and will report any problems such as bad sectors etc. I don't know how long this particular tool takes for the check but it could be that the test takes up to an hour or even more so you best start this when you're not planning to use the computer anyway.

Well, there is a lot more that could be done but I hope that any of the suggestions above (especially kicking any unnecessary background tasks… and I forgot to mention this above but even more especially if you have a Symantec/Norton program installed… just trash those processes) will yield positive results. Good luck .
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