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October 24th, 2006, 12:55
To switch indexing and fast search off, just right-click on the disk in Explore My Computer and select Properties, the checkboxes are right on the first tab at bottom.

To configure your swap file, go Control Panel -> System Properties -> Advanced -> Performance -> Advanced -> Virtual Memory -> Change. (Doesn't everybody know that? ;-) )

BTW, putting the swap file on a (fast) separate disk is *the* single best thing you can do for your computer's performance for any memory-intensive use, not just games. In fact, IMO the main point of going with a desktop system instead of a nifty little laptop is that you can set it up with at least two reasonably speedy HDD's (and enough RAM; at current prices going with less than 2GB is just silly). Way more stuff is bottlenecked by disk I/O than CPU speed or even graphics power.
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