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April 14th, 2007, 11:22
Ok - here's a thought.

I dislike, abhors, and even hate turnbased combat . (not that much, but just to give you a different perspective on things ).

I find it boring, shallow, and not being able to help the flow of things in the game, especially the combat. I find the IE's combat much better, as it real time with pause.
If you read any of the IE's games' manuals you will learn that it really is roundbased combat. Each character has his or her own initiative. The strategy comes from placing your characters in the correct positions before, during, and while the combat lasts. (I know this, because I have had a very hard time in BG2, not that I mind this, but I just think it is telling that you need to plan ahead for each combat in BG2….)
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