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April 14th, 2007, 17:18
Originally Posted by roqua View Post
WHat about the people that really loved the combat in the IE games, r thought it was combat done well: why? Can you tell us what was good about it and what was strategic?

I would've loved them to be TB, because coming from the Golbox Games I am a sucker for that. I even played my way through POR2, using the speed patch. I never and far into TOEE, because it is even slower than POR2 and has no speed patch. The story is even as lame as POR2.

But.. Roqua, why do you start this discussion everywhere you go? It has been done to death and I think everybody should accept the IE games had mediocre RT combat implemented and BG1 and the IWDs had a shit load of unnecessary battles.

But the IE engine is no more. If you want an answer to your question you should write an email to the guys from Planewalker Studios, because as far as I have understood they copy the RT implementation of the IE games in Broken Hourglass, don't they?




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