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April 15th, 2007, 05:13
Originally Posted by Cormac View Post
I agree with Dhruin, NWN2's implementation of RT combat is worse than the IE games. It's maybe, in part, the fault of the UI. Another thing: when I was playing NWN2 I put every NPC on puppet mode; but reading various boards I was surprised to see players actually preferring to let the AI control their party's actions (at least to some extent), and that in spite of the fact that the AI was retarded. I wonder, is that what players want, script some general behaviors for each party member and let the AI do the fighting ?

Roqua, I guess I misunderstood your first post.
Just a further comment - sorry for headng away from Roqua's question. I've switched back-and-forth between puppet mode and the AI system. Currently, I'm playing with the AI. Why? Because the UI drives me insane. Frickin' insane.

Prior to 1.05, I found it tedious without a "select all" or rubberbanding. When 1.05 beta came out, I was overjoyed with the select all. But it sucks. You can't open a door or loot something with everyone selected, so you have to change selections every 30 seconds.

Then, without the AI, all the controls like following distances are switched off and there are no formation controls, so Qara (who runs faster) keeps blocking Khelgar (who seems to have a "fatter" footprint) in doorways…I keep getting belted because only one character gets through the door. Finally, quite a few of the spells light up the screen so I can't see what is happening and there are no "pause" or "interruption" controls (such as when a target dies).

All of this was better in every IE game.

In frustration, I tried the AI again and I find the AI improvements in 1.05 are better and all those UI problems are ameliorated. Plus Qara chucks out spells like someone possessed and nukes everything, which is dull gameplay but expedient and somehow satisfying in some powergaming way. Since you can rest so often, it isn't much of a problem.

Without turns, I miss individual rounds and can't manually throw spells as fast as the AI, so I'm not as deadly.

The gameplay ends up simplified, kind of like playing Dungeon Siege or something, but the UI was driving my blood pressure up.
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