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April 15th, 2007, 18:43
this is a known problem that can happen at anytown. unfortunately you must have killed some 'wandering' orcs someone in the game world that are counted as citizens of faring (could be another town but i believe this had been where the named characters are from). often you will see random npcs walking from one town to the next. so even though it seems they aren't tied to any city unless they are part of a quest group or already hostile it is advisible not to touch them. i found this out the hardway my 2nd play through when a few orcs got caught in the crossfire of a beast battle. i kept playing but then realized the problem later and had to give up 10 hours of playtime to find a save prior that incident. if you can remember a similar case in your game that isn't too far back i would recommend loading that now. otherwise you may lose out on some quests, though there shouldn't be any 'game breakers'.

on a side note what usually peoples problem is with gotha is that the rebels usually attack you for stealing since even though it was abandoned it is still flagged as a town and once they return they 'know' that their stuff is missing. you can run away or knock them down. as there are no further quests in gotha it isn't too important.

on another side note the moderators may start to get on you about making all your posts in the regular forum. if you look at the top of the forum you will see a gothic 3 spoilers forum. you really should be using that one and it is also the one where you may find some of your questions already answered.
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