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October 24th, 2006, 15:45
Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!

Trippy Russ Meyer film about some go-go dancers and their devil-may-care lifestyle of mayhem and ultimately, murder. This was a fun flick and definitely a notorious and well-known one, as I counted several samples and songs throughout it that are used in metal and punk music. Tura Satana as "Varla", the ring leader of this gang of chicks who have a strange way of getting their kicks, is a truly awesome amazonian piece of work if I've ever seen one. She's just gorgeous, in fact all the women in this film are nice to look at, but that's what you get with Russ Meyer's stuff.

I liked it, and think it's worth the praise it receives. Some may call this film campy, but I disagree, this movie shoots from the hip and is stylishly bizarre and outrageous. The characters are shallow but larger than life, that's the way it's supposed to hit you, as subtle as a 2x4 across the face, and I think it accomplishes this well.


Another big-boobed Russ Meyer epic about an ex-con from Detroit who stops in a small midwest town of weird hicks on his way to California. He finds work on a farm, as well as falls in love with the farmer's wife. It aint that straightforward of course, as a great deal of this town's denizens are hick stereotypes on acid who "dont take kindly to no city-slickers!".
This one has the basic "stranger-in-a-strange-land who falls in love" theme of city boy caught up in the vagaries of small town country livin', and while there was some pretty funny moments of stereotypical backwoods hillbilly humor, it wasnt one of the better old cult films I'd seen.
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