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April 16th, 2007, 21:43
finally got around to seeing Office Space

I think it was kinda funny, you know, especially in the beginning when the "office life" jokes were fresh. Toward the end, the movie definitely started weakening, and I started watching the clock myself. Lots of people recommended this to me, and I guess it was alright if you work in an office. I wouldnt buy it or anything.

Dont get me wrong, office life for those who really live it such as I, does start to suck just like any other job. However, I sure as hell would rather be right here at my desk than out in the warehouse, or installing on some jobsite or something, or taking customer bullshit all day long. What I'm saying is that the sympathy I have for the characters and relation to the woe and angst they feel, which is needed for this to be a hit with me, is quite thin. The copier sucks, cubicles suck, etc., sure, but in the end it just aint that bad when you look at some of the horrendous jobs others have to put up with day in and day out.

I also loathe rap, so I really wasnt into the "nigga this-nigga that" rap break every 20 mins or so, it really started getting on my nerves. And Jennifer Aniston, or "Jen", as she is known by everyone who stands in a grocery store line and has to stare at idiot tabloids while checking out, just rubs me the wrong way. Some stars can transcend their television roles successfully, and some cant.
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