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April 17th, 2007, 09:51
Why I prefer realtime with pause over turnbased:

I have a choice. It's that simple. I can speed things up if I want to - I can crush that pack of Goblins in 2 seconds by instantly throwing a fireball their way (with the robe that reduces cast time) so fast you hardly knew they were there, instead of wasting time on pointless fights. I can't stand how even the most meaningless fight in Fallout takes time without any way to speed it up - I know I am going to kill these rats, I know they pose no threat to me, there is absolutely no strategic element, no challenge, no fun in defeating them - it's a timesink. In Baldur's Gate, I have an option: I can cruise through the roadkill fights without having to stop to do so, but I can pause the game where strategy is needed.

Yes, there is no real need to have realtime fighting in difficult battles, but even in turnbased games most fights are far from difficult. They require no strategy or time to think; it's a simple matter of waiting for your party to win the fight.

I prefer having an option, which is what I like about the Infinity Engine - fast battles when the enemy is without any realistic chance of winning, slow battles when I need time to plan things.
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