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April 17th, 2007, 15:59
My IQ is over 20 (barely) and I didn't puke either. I love Oblivion, in spite of the level scaling. To be honest, you can deal with the level scaling without modding at all. Just bump the difficulty slider up a bit after level 6 or so. You'll need to bump it up again around level 12-15 depending on your build. I wouldn't suggest OOO, if all you want is level scaling. OOO changes a ton of things. You might try Francesco's mod instead. It's not as ambitious, but I haven't installed either mod in this playthrough. I can't judge Shivering Isles yet, because I started over and want to wait until level 15 or so before tackling the new content. I hadn't played the official plugins, so I bought Knights of the Nine. I really haven't accessed any of that stuff either though. I have two new pieces of property, but both are off the beaten path and I haven't bothered to go check them out. I will eventually. I probably won't play the Vile Lair mod with this character. Vampires aren't my thing. My favorite mod is the one that gives your horse saddlebags. This allows me a place to store my loot, alchemy, and spare equipment. I can visit two or three dungeons before Armored Black Horse gets too slow to move
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