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October 24th, 2006, 17:14

Moving The Swapfile To A Different Hard Disk
When the swapfile is permanent, tweakers who advocate moving swapfiles around will tell you to move your partition to a second hard disk. Why? As the theory goes, if you put the swapfile on the second hard disk, your system will be able to access both the swapfile on the second hard disk and data on the first hard disk concurrently, thereby improving performance. But does that work?

Well, it depends. Many users and tweakers forget one thing when they move their swapfiles to the second hard disk - only one IDE device can be active at any one time on the same IDE controller. Usually, they will slave the second hard disk to the first hard disk on the primary IDE controller and put the CD-ROM drive on the secondary IDE controller. That's sound practice normally but in their case, that negates the purpose of moving the swapfile off the primary hard disk!

Because both hard disks are on the same IDE controller, they can't be active at the same time. So, there's no way the system can read from both hard disks at the same time. In fact, because the secondary hard disk is often slower and smaller than the primary hard disk, the performance of the swapfile on the second hard disk is worse off now.

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