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April 18th, 2007, 12:59
erm --

I really don't understand (anymore) what rpgs the codex wants
They seem to be against realtime rpgs, realtime with pause games, party-based games, single-pc games, open-ended games and many more types of rpgs.
It is as if the codex still is living in the 1990's or even the 1980's since they
seem to want games (rpgs) like Ultima IV or Ultima VII, or the old gold box
games, or Wizardry 5 or 7.

Jade: Enpire is like most of Bioware's other games built on character interaction, and it is storybased games, too. And that's the reason for the often lengthy dialoques between the players avatar (character) in the game and the avatar's teammembers. To me, this is why I buy and enjoy the Biowarian's rpgs, the story that outspan itself between the characters through the use of party dialoque (interaction), and a grand tradition that Bioware has honed, ever since the original Baldur's Gate came out nearly a decade ago. (in 1998).
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