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April 18th, 2007, 17:05
Originally Posted by aries100 View Post
erm --

I really don't understand (anymore) what rpgs the codex wants
They seem to be against realtime rpgs, realtime with pause games, party-based games, single-pc games, open-ended games and many more types of rpgs.
Did you bother reading the review? Or any other review in the site, for that matter?

In Jade Empire's review, I pointed out that the realtime combat system they employed in the game was a better approach since a full realtime combat system is preferable to a realtime combat system that tries to shove turn-based conventions into it, resulting in the mess that were the Infinity Engine games, with characters standing still being hit because they could not attack anymore as their turn had ended and other things which are largely running contrary to what is usually expected from things happening in realtime. In Jade Empire, this is gone and the game is a better one because of that - wheter one prefers realtime or turn-based.

Against realtime RPGs? Are you serious? Games like Daggerfall are often held in high regard at the Codex, from the staff to forum readers; some also enjoyed Gothic 3 and Vampire - The Masquerade: Bloodlines. Arf Fatalis and the Gothic series also enjoys considerable popularity there. Against party-based games? The main quibble I ever heard about parties was how player control could override party member personalities and how these aren't always well handled; otherwise, games from Wizardry 8 to Baldur's Gate 2 to Knigths of the Old Republic to Silent Storm to Temple of Elemental Evil are fairly well received. Against open-ended RPGs? You mean, the kind of game we're always wanting to see more of? I guess the respect Daggerfall gets, Vault Dweller's glowing reviews of Gothic 3 and Space Rangers 2, Exitium's Arx Fatalis review or Saint Proverbius' review of Escape Velocity: Nova don't count.

I'm not even sure what you're trying to say with "single-pc games". Single-player? With a single character?

To me, this is why I buy and enjoy the Biowarian's rpgs, the story that outspan itself between the characters through the use of party dialoque (interaction), and a grand tradition that Bioware has honed, ever since the original Baldur's Gate came out nearly a decade ago. (in 1998).
And it may be the reason why people don't buy and don't enjoy Bioware's RPGs. Maybe some people feel their "tradition" is more often than not riddled with flaws and don't enjoy how they handle these aspects. Others will certainly enjoy it, of course, but then again those probably won't care about our review anyway since they were first in line to purchase the game.
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