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April 18th, 2007, 17:19
The point I was trying to make was that you really can't blame a Bioware rpg for being a biowarian rpg --- just like you can't blame an american movie for being made in the US. When I buy ba bioware rpg game, I know what I'm gonna get:

a rpg game which has focus on story, character dialoque, plot, gameplay and character interactions. This is what I like in rpgs - and that's also the main reason behind why I play adventure(puzzle) games, too.

Obviously, there are probably a lot of things that could have been done better in Jade Empire. I think even David Gaider & Patrick Weekes acknowledges this -- .
The thing to remember is that Jade Empire originally was developed for the xbox, and is clearly marked as an action rpg (whatever that is ) . Therefore, it comes as a kind surprise to me that the codex's reviewer of JE blames (sort of) for focusing too much on combat. In another place in the interview, the reviewer seems to have forgotten that this isn't Virtua Figther 5 or a martial arts action & fighting game, but is an rpg with dialoques, character interaction and the like.

To get back to the point at hand:
I spent a great deal of time, reading the codex's site, and sometimes, I even post there, too. I happen to agree with the codes that the best rpg is (still, by far) Planescape: Torment with the Fallout games trailing not far behind. However, it is still unclear to me what the codex sees as an (computer)rpg. Some say Daggerfall, other say Ultima IV, others say Wizardry 7, while others (again) Fallout and so on and so forth. And apparently, it seems that the codex doesn't like Bioware games.

The only thing, the codex agrees upon (or most of them, anyway) is that 'console bad' 'pc good' and 'realtime bad' 'turnbased good' and that there need to be lots of reading in an rpg. (you know, the kind of 'please read through 6-8 lines of choices which really doesn't change the outcome in the end).

Modern rpgs are, by default, viewed by the codex, imo, as a bad thing, while old school rpgs like Ultima IV etc. are, by default, viewed by the codex as good thing.
(I have tried playing, not Ultima IV, but Wizardry 7 & 8, and I'm sorry, but I don't get the appeal of these games…) And if rpgs made by Bioware now is sort of negative, and nearly all other rpgs, made both in the past and in the present, what games left then ?

Geneforge 4??
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