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April 18th, 2007, 16:40
I have finally managed to get through all 12 (or 17 pages!) of the review. (I printed it out). And yes, I did read that you said that action done in realtime was better than realtime with pause. (and I agree with you). I reacted to your comment about
Bioware making the game more about the party than the player's character (and yes I did mean single player pc, where you only have control of one character, like Daggerfall etc.) To me, this is the feature, or trade mark, of Bioware, that you have friends with which you travel, and the story unfolds just as much around the party as it does around the player's character (or the avatar, the pc).

I think I have read intensively the codex reviews of Oblivion, and Gothic 3, and I find myself agreeing with (nearly) every aspects of those reviews. I, too, for some odd reason , favors Gothic 3 largely over Oblivion.

On a final comment (for now anayway I agreewith roleplayer that it is as real shame that Bioware didn't do anything (much) with Tho Fan in Jade Empire. What's the point of hiring a linguist if you're not going to use his (or her) work in a more productive way than Bioware did in Jade Empire ?
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