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April 18th, 2007, 17:47
Originally Posted by aries100 View Post
The point I was trying to make was that you really can't blame a Bioware rpg for being a biowarian rpg --- just like you can't blame an american movie for being made in the US.
I'm not sure what you're trying to get at. Are you saying I can't point out the strucutral elements of an american movie and point out what are its best and worst aspects? Or do the same with Bioware's games? It's like you're suggesting that all of our reviews should simply be "Hey, this is a game by developer X, Y or Z. It's got the combat, dialogue and interaction you've come to expect from them. That's it. Thanks for reading." That's a bit specious, isn't it? I mean, what's the point of writing reviews if in your opinion they should conform to the idea that games can't be criticized for what they are?

We don't hide our particular brand of dislike of their games. However, what reviews can you point out that say "Bioware sucks" as opposed to "here's a breakdown of what we felt Bioware handled well and poorly in their game"?

Therefore, it comes as a kind surprise to me that the codex's reviewer of JE blames (sort of) for focusing too much on combat.
Are you sure you aren't confusing 'blame' with pointing out just how the game plays out?

In another place in the interview, the reviewer seems to have forgotten that this isn't Virtua Figther 5 or a martial arts action & fighting game
Care to provide an actual quote that illustrates your point? Where did I "forget" this?

And apparently, it seems that the codex doesn't like Bioware games.
Apparently, it seems that you haven't read the site enough to flush out the real concerns behind the most common criticisms.

The only thing, the codex agrees upon (or most of them, anyway) is that 'console bad' 'pc good' and 'realtime bad' 'turnbased good' and that there need to be lots of reading in an rpg. (you know, the kind of 'please read through 6-8 lines of choices which really doesn't change the outcome in the end).
Cute, but for someone who claims to read the site on a regular basis, that is terribly naive.

Modern rpgs are, by default, viewed by the codex, imo, as a bad thing, while old school rpgs like Ultima IV etc. are, by default, viewed by the codex as good thing.
You're certainly entitled to having a skewed perspective of things, but I'd suggest you refrain from promoting them as representative of the site. Modern RPGs as a bad thing? You have no idea. Browse our content section - especially the review section - and check out the reviews. Lots of modern games, lots of love. Even modern games not reviewed - such as Arcanum - tend to get mucho amore.
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