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April 18th, 2007, 21:42
Originally Posted by Role-Player View Post
There haven't been any noteworthy comments made against Wesp, and the issue isn't that of which path is the "right" one; simply put, Wesp's work is not a patch but rather a suite of gameplay modifications which also offer bug fixes. Calling Acrimonious' work as a "true patch" carries no moral high ground or antagonistic attitude against Wesp's work - it merely points out that this patch is a patch that simply fixes bugs in the game, and is not masquerading itself as anything more than a patch: it remains true to its namesake.
Well, I wouldn't say that the newspost at RPGCodex doesn't clearly state which patch is the "right" one. I'll quote:
the fan efforts of the Bloodlines community have mostly been unsactioned modifications and arbitrary changes to the game with some bug fixes thrown in
the existence of a true Bloodlines patch
A patch is not only about fixing bugs. Patches correct unfinished games and that includes bugs, rebalancing ect.
So it wouldn't be correct to say that this new patch remains more true to its name than the Wesps.
Though it depends upon if the balancing of Bloodlines was faulty from the beginning or not.

Though I don't use any Bloodlines patches mostly because I didn't want somebody changing my gaming experience (like you) with other than bug fixes, so this new patch is warmly welcomed though not necessary for newer systems.
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